TNT Drama ‘Monday Mornings’ Premieres

Ensemble Cast Plays Doctor

Prolific television producer and writer David E. Kelley (Harry’s Law, The Practice, Boston Public, Ally McBeal) strikes yet again with his latest project Monday Mornings, which debuts on basic cable network TNT tonight, February 4, at 10pm ET.

A medical drama based on the novel of the same name by prominent CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Monday Mornings sports a top-notch cast featuring Ving Rhames (Gravity), Alfred Molina (Law & Order: LA), Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica), and Jennifer Finnigan (Close to Home), among others. All of the stars portray doctors who work at a fictional hospital in Portland, Oregon, where they regularly help patients cope with health-related issues and crises.

The show’s title refers to the weekly meeting surgeons must attend with the chief of surgery, Harding Hooten (Molina), during which they discuss the most recent medical problems and patient deaths encountered on their shifts. Far from relaxed and congenial, each gathering takes place in a poorly lit lecture-style auditorium, with doctors put on the spot in the middle of the room and their peers.

This ominous central setting, along with the talky and melodramatic nature of the episodes, leads to a show that is long on the analytical aspects of doctoring and light on the actual action … unless you count assorted lingering closeups of bloody innards and body parts, revealed in surgical scenes and such. If that sounds like your thing, you’ll probably enjoy the ten episodes in the first season of Monday Mornings a lot.

Monday Mornings will air Mondays on TNT at 10pm ET

Monday Mornings photo courtesy of Martin Schoeller/TNT

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