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The ‘Revolution’ Resumes Tonight

NBC Rookie Starts Spring Run

Tracy Spiridakos, Billy Burke, Daniella Alonso/Revolution

Four long months have passed since the last fresh episode of NBC hit Revolution aired on November 26, so fans should be thrilled that the series finally returns with a new installment tonight, March 25, at 10pm ET.

The Season One spring premiere, “The Stand,” plops viewers right back in the middle of the action as Miles and Charlie Matheson (Billy Burke and Tracy Spiridakos) and their group try to get the heck out of Philadelphia, where Monroe (David Lyons) and his gang have just acquired the power of, well, power.

Feeling major regret over her inability to keep the lunatic formerly known as Bass from getting powered up again, Charlie’s mother Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) does her best to help the rebels acquire some juice also. Will she succeed and allow the underdogs to obtain a much-needed edge in their fight against deadly darker forces? We shall see.

Revolution has exactly ten episodes left in its 20-installment first season. Look for the finale to premiere on Monday, May 27, giving the series plenty of time to continue advancing what has turned out to be a fairly intriguing and pretty entertaining storyline.

Revolution currently airs Mondays on NBC at 10pm ET

Tracy Spiridakos, Billy Burke, and Daniella Alonso/Revolution photo courtesy of Brownie Harris/NBC

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