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Supernatural Series ‘Medium’ and ‘Blood Ties’ Join ‘Lost’ in the Renewal Spotlight

Early Announcements Are Great News for Fans of Things That Go Bump on TV

Patricia Arquette/Medium Right now is clearly an excellent time to be a supernatural-tinged show on the tube. If you don’t believe me, just ask the good folks responsible for Lost, who enjoyed a wellspring of gossip and Internet buzz Monday over the revelation that ABC network execs are supporting the series for another three years and 48 episodes. Fast on the heels of that announcement was Lifetime’s order for ten more episodes of the newbie vampire crime drama Blood Ties and NBC’s early fourth-season renewal of the Emmy-winning clairvoyant drama Medium.

'Blood Ties Of the last two series renewed, Blood Ties‘ success surprises me the most. I’ve been watching the Canadian import faithfully every week since it debuted ten episodes ago on March 11, and I would be totally remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that more often than not, there’s more wrong with the series than right, most notably starting with the cringe-worthy, super awful “special” effects, and including the frightfully derivative storylines that mimic and muddle just about every horror story and myth you’ve encountered since childhood—and not in a good, imaginative Supernatural or X-Files way, either.

What the show does have, however, is fantastic sarcasm-drenched chemistry between its three leads—Christina Cox as former cop turned private investigator Vicki Nelson, Dylan Neal as her ex-partner and erstwhile lover Mike Celluci, and Kyle Schmid as the unexpectedly likable 450-year-old vampire Henry Fitzroy—all of whom are exceedingly easy on the eyes, and a few funny and endearing supporting players in Vicki’s supernatural-savvy assistant Coreen Fennel (Gina Holden), Celluci’s current partner Dave Graham (Keith Dallas), and uncommonly open-minded medical examiner Mohadevan (Nimet Kanji). The childish, macho, pig-headed, and very amusing banter between Celluci and Fitzroy—both crushing on independent Vicki—especially keeps me coming back week after week for more. Their scenes together alone make the show worth watching, in my book.

I am not a Medium follower, though, because it always seems to air when a show that I like more is on, too. While the series never wins such broadcast competitions at my house, there’s no denying the loyalty and enthusiasm of its considerable fan base, most of whom appear to appreciate the high profile that the family of the lead character Allison Dubois (played by 2005 Best Actress Emmy winner Patricia Arquette) has in the program. The focus on the home unit makes the series more accessible to some female viewers who constantly strive to juggle similar hectic work, spouse, and child responsibilities.

Whether I watch or not, I’m always ecstatic when series from my favorite genre receive the green-light. Now I’ve got my fingers crossed for Sci Fi Channel’s Dresden Files, an enjoyable program that I cannot believe the network has not yet officially extended.

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Blood Ties currently airs Sundays on Lifetime at 10pm EST
Medium currently airs Wednesdays on NBC at 10pm EST

Blood Ties photo courtesy of Lifetime
Medium photo courtesy of NBC

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