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‘Ring of Fire’ Miniseries Kicks Off on Reelz

Lethal Volcanoes Threaten Earth

Terry O'Quinn, Michael Vartan, Lauren Lee Smith/Ring of Fire

Disaster TV-loving viewers with access to basic-cable network Reelz have tons of world-ending doom and gloom to look forward to tonight, March 11. Part one of the two-part miniseries Ring of Fire premieres on the channel at 8pm ET, with the second two-hour installment set to debut at the same time the following night.

Ring of Fire depicts catastrophic events that unfold when the questionable drilling practices of a shady oil company, owned by greedy businessman Oliver Booth (Lost Emmy winner Terry O’Quinn), cause an oil rig accident resulting in powerful tremors beneath a nearby small town. The vibrations soon prompt a massive and dangerous volcanic eruption, which could be the first of many deadly sequential lava discharges from a group of volcanoes located around the world collectively known as the Ring of Fire.

Fortunately for mankind, Booth’s daughter, environmental activist Emily Booth (Lauren Lee Smith, CSI), and her colleague, analyst Matthew Cooper (Alias alum Michael Vartan), are on to his dirty ways and have even devised a plan to prevent the global extinction certain to happen if the Ring of Fire goes postal. Unfortunately for mankind, however, the plan is a suicide mission requiring the kind of self-sacrifice that few are able to muster. Agam Darshi and Ian Tracey (both of Sanctuary) co-star, as well.

Will the planet prevail or will the world go down in an avalanche of soot and ash? I have no idea, but I definitely intend to check out the miniseries, if only because of the great cast.

Reelz is giving viewers four chances to watch each night’s new installment — both parts will air at 8pm, 10pm, and 12am on their respective debut days — in addition to opportunities to watch the whole four hours at once on March 14 at 7pm, March 15 at 1pm, and March 16 at 3pm and midnight. I’m sure I can fit a few of those times into my viewing schedule.

Terry O’Quinn, Michael Vartan, and Lauren Lee Smith/Ring of Fire photo courtesy of Reelz

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