‘Raising Hope’ Returns for Winter

Sitcom Traffic Light Premieres After

Martha Plimpton, Tichina Arnold/Raising Hope

Frosh Fox sitcom Raising Hope — a deserving success — returns to kick off its first winter season at 9pm ET tonight with “Romeo and Romeo,” followed by the series premiere of new comedy Traffic Light at 9:30pm.

The latest episode of Raising Hope finds Jimmy making a sad realization: he hasn’t had the opportunity to just hang out with people his own age since the arrival of his daughter Hope. Intent on improving his situation, he tries to start a friendship with another single father he met recently, but his dependably challenging mother Virginia puts a crimp in that plan immediately. Former Everybody Hates Chris and Martin star Tichina Arnold guests, which can only mean lots of funny stuff is in store.

Traffic Light

Fox’s newest sitcom Traffic Light focuses on three male friends and the various stages of their respective romantic relationships. David Denman (The Office), Nelson Franklin (The Office), and Kris Marshall (Sold) head the cast as buddies Mike, Adam, and Ethan, and Liza Lapira (Huff) and Aya Cash (Mercy) costar as Mike’s wife Lisa and Adam’s live-in girlfriend Callie, respectively. If Traffic Light turns out to be worth watching — unlike NBC’s seemingly similar yet totally unfunny buddy-relationship “comedy” Perfect Couples, for instance — Fox just might have a hit sitcom block on its hands. That would be cool.

Martha Plimpton and Tichina Arnold/Raising Hope photo courtesy of Greg Gayne/Fox

Traffic Light photo courtesy of Joseph Cultice/Fox

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