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November 2007 Sweeps – Day 8: ‘CSI’ and ‘Without a Trace’ Crossover to Each Others’ Side

ABC Goes Country and Comes Out on Top

Carrie Underwood

ABC’s 41st Annual Country Music Association Awards topped the heap on Wednesday night to give the Eye Network the Number One spot among the networks and among the night’s original broadcasts.

At the same time, a swiftly sinking Bionic Woman, down almost 7.5 million viewers from its 13.91 million debut, ensured that NBC came in at a distant fourth behind second-place CBS (which, at 11.52m viewers, posted almost double NBC’s 6.32m total) and third-place Fox (which was only slightly ahead of NBC at 6.4m).

8pm: The three-hour CMA live telecast led the pack with some 15.93m (5.4/14, ) viewers tuning in over the course of the event. CBS’ Kid Nation achieved a very distant second place with 7.16m watching, followed by Fox’s sitcom combo of Back to You (6.38m, 2.2/6 aged 18–49) and ‘Til Death (6.48m, 2.4/6), the reality competition Phenomenon (6.1m, 2.2/6) on NBC, and The CW’s highest-rated program of the night, America’s Top Model (5.07m, 2.5/7).

9pm: The CMAs continued its dominance, while CBS’ hit FBI procedural Criminal Minds brought in 14.54m viewers (3.8/9) to make it the second highest-rated show on Wednesday in both overall viewers and those aged 18–49. NBC’s Bionic Woman was third with 6.44m (2.7/7), Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares a close fourth with 6.37m viewers (2.9/7), and The CW’s Gossip Girl last as expected with 2.51m (1.2/3).

10pm: The final hour of the CMAs remained on top, although its audience declined slightly, followed by CBS’ CSI: NY at second with 12.87m (3.5/10), and NBC’s underappreciated Life nowhere near either with 6.41m (2.6/7).

Overall: The night belonged to ABC in total viewers (15.93m), followed by CBS (11.52m), Fox (6.4m), NBC (6.32m), and The CW (3.79m). In terms of the desirable 18-49 demographic, ABC also led (5.4/14), with the remaining spots filled in descending order by CBS (3.1/8), Fox (2.6/7), NBC (2.5/7), and The CW (1.8/5).

November 2007 Sweeps: Day 8 Events

  • ABC
    • UGLY BETTY—She did it! Scheming Wilhelmina Slater is finally gonna bag her mag man, Bradford Meade, which means she’s gonna become even more drunk with power than before. Annoying Spice Victoria Beckham, Vanessa Williams’ real-life ex Rick Fox, and fashion diva designer Vera Wang all guest star for the nuptials. [8pm EST]
  • CBS
    • CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION/WITHOUT A TRACE—Guess what? They’re getting married, too. Or at least they’re doing one of those two-episode, two-hour crossover thingies. [9pm EST]
  • The CW
    • SMALLVILLE—Little Lana Lang gets some wrath and goes after Lex Luthor with a vengeance. We already know that even if she kills him, he’ll come back from the dead (Michael Rosenbaum‘s contract isn’t over yet). But, it’s always fun to watch petite Kristin Kreuk go evil and take on the big dudes. [8pm EST]
  • NBC
    • 30 ROCK—Al Gore, David Schwimmer, and Meredith Vieira guest star as The Girlie Show goes green with annoyance over Jack’s irritating idea for a mascot. Guess which of the guests plays the mascot. [8:30pm EST]
    • SCRUBS—Ed‘s Tom Cavanagh guests to tell his onscreen baby brother J.D. to grow up already. Sounds like sage advice to me. [9:31pm EST]
  • Sundance
    • ICONOCLASTS—Saturday Night Live alum and Austin Powers star Mike Myers and spiritualist author Deepak Chopra. Together. Talking. ‘Nuff said. [10pm EST]

DATA EXPLANATION: In the households figure 6.4/11, 6.4 is the household RATING that indicates what average percentage of U.S. households tuned into a particular show (6.4%), while 11 is the household SHARE that refers to what average percentage of televisions in use were tuned into a particular show (11%).

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