Mark Harmon Headlines USA Network Flick ‘Certain Prey’

Criminal Minds Grad Lola Glaudini Costars

Mark Harmon/NCIS

Cast members from two popular long-running CBS crime procedurals combine their acting talent in the new USA Network original movie John Sandford’s Certain Prey, which premieres tonight, November 6, at 9pm ET.

The telefilm features NCIS lead Mark Harmon as Deputy Police Chief Lucas Davenport, a hard-living veteran of the Minneapolis police force. When the chief investigates a woman’s murder that led to the shooting of a cop, he stumbles upon a deadly collaboration between clever assassin Clara Rinker (Tatiana Maslany, Being Erica) and her shady lawyer accomplice Carmel Loan (Lola Glaudini, Criminal Minds).

The movie comes from the Prey series of crime novels by Pulitzer Prize-winning author John Roswell Camp, who occasionally writes under the pseudonym John Sandford (hence he gets his name in bright lights in the flick’s official title). I suppose if the presentation performs well enough, viewers can look forward to Certain Prey sequels à la the well-received Jesse Stone flicks on CBS featuring Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck. I wouldn’t mind that at all.

Mark Harmon/NCIS photo courtesy of Cliff Lipson/CBS

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