Interview with DIY Network’s Ace Landscape Gardener Ahmed Hassan

Network Personality Discusses Blog Cabin and the Finer Points of Doing It Yourself on TV

Ahmed Hassan I’ll be the first to admit that when I recently heard about a new television series called Blog Cabin, I had very little idea what the show or its host channel, DIY Network, was. Earlier this year, the general public was given the opportunity to visit the DIY Network’s Web site in order to vote on and select thirteen design specifics for a cabin that would be custom-built in the Great Smoky Mountains under the knowledgeable eyes of assorted DIY expert personalities. The entire process is captured in the currently airing first season of Blog Cabin, hosted by carpenter Amy Devers. The real kicker, however, is the sweepstakes that interested U.S. residents can enter right now for a chance to win that blog cabin to keep as their very own vacation home. If you haven’t submitted your details yet, you have until October 1 to do so.

Last week, I received an opportunity of my own to interview one of the DIY personalities scheduled to complete a portion of the Blog Cabin project related to their area of expertise. Ahmed Hassan, a professional landscape gardener based in California, has appeared on both DIY and its more well-known sister network HGTV. At HGTV, he participated in the Landscape Smart! series, and he currently hosts the popular The Dirt On… at DIY. During our conversation, it was very clear that the DIY Network showcases professionals who are adept at engaging audiences while educating them at the same time—even people like me, who normally wouldn’t gravitate towards TV focused on home-improvement or do-it-yourself projects. So, now, here’s the chat with Hassan that told me more than I thought I’d ever know about doing things myself and getting on TV for it, building cabins with outdoor fireplaces in the mountains, and missing out on the obviously most-excellent DIY Network.

QUESTION: I have to let you know right off that I don’t get the Do It Yourself Network in my area, although its sister network HGTV is a part of my cable package. There are also probably a number of people who do get DIY, but don’t realize it. How would you describe the DIY network to people like me, who’ve never had the chance to watch? What’s the purpose or theme of the network?

Ahmed Hassan: First of all, I like to tell people DIY is related to HGTV. It’s like we are the little sister, and they are the big sister. HGTV is the network people have heard of. It is a common household name. DIY, I find, a third of the people I mention it to are familiar with the Do It Yourself Network. I was talking to a guy about this today—the people that are out there looking and working a little bit guided [by] information [on] how to do things themselves, that is the nature of who they are. These people seem to be familiar with the DIY network. Of course, it helps if they can get it in their area. I know certain cable companies don’t offer DIY yet. What I describe DIY as is it’s similar to HGTV, except we take a little bit more time on the educational side. We educate people on how to do these things: how you go about developing this, creating that, designing this, or building that. That’s why the network is really right up my alley; because I’m really in love with teaching something that I am interested in and passionate about.

QUESTION: Can you tell me a bit about how you became professionally involved in landscape gardening? I’ve read your online profile on the DIY Web site, but how would you describe your path to “landscape and gardening glory”?

Ahmed Hassan: I’ve grown up in landscape gardening. My dad was a landscape gardener. I surpassed my dad and his knowledge a long time ago. [Laughs] That’s really where my love for it started: being outside, being able to utilize many tools, work with my hands similar to playing with my hands as a child, and building and creating and fixing things. I’m making them look better. It was about cleaning up the yard, mowing the grass, and trimming the hedges, and [doing] the maintenance chores—- I grew up in the time when kids actually did chores. [Laughs] And I got a lot of praise for it. I was doing gardening work, making the house look good, and my parents would come out and give me a lot of praise for that: one, because they didn’t have to ask me to do that, and, two, [because] I was getting work done.

I praise my children. When I come home and my son shows me that his room is clean, he helped to do this or he helped to do that, that’s how I kind of got into it. It kind of just snowballed from there. Once I found out I could actually make money doing this, and I could make even more money if I educated myself and could talk the talk, then I started going the educational route—horticulture and other things more serious.

QUESTION: I love the concept of Design Star on HGTV, where competitors come on the show, do their thing, and then win their own TV show if they beat all of the competition. The selection process is pretty straightforward. But how does someone land a job hosting television programs on DIY? Did you go to a casting call, or were you contacted directly? Did somebody recommend you? How did you get the gig?

Ahmed Hassan Ahmed Hassan: [Laughs] Let me tell you how I did it. I started off doing a few shows for HGTV. I was featured as the landscaper or the contractor. Basically, I was doing similar to what I’m doing now. I wasn’t hosting; I was being featured as a specialist or the contractor. And from meeting the producers, and from learning the difference from what I do in reality—which is doing work for people—and the reality of what we need for TV, and from the producers seeing that I am the person that can talk about what I’m doing and enjoy talking about what I’m doing and actually know what I am doing. [Laughs] It was like a sure fit.

I got a lot of love from the producers for every show I had done for HGTV. When you get love from producers what it means is when they move on throughout their career and they move to different networks or they work for different network companies and people are looking for landscape talent in my situation, people remember you, people remember your name. I got calls from several producers several different times for different kinds of shows, some landscaping, some home improvement. It was mainly because I think I impressed them, for lack of a better word.

Just like on my other show, I featured specialists in the field, and on the current show we are shooting that will air next year called Yard Crafters, I am working with other landscapers. I work with a different group of people each show. I get to see and my producers get to see who works well, who is easy to work with, to communicate with. It’s all these other things that go into the whole package. And, of course, know what you are doing and the related areas. That says he’ll be great on TV, he’s fun to watch, he knows what he’s doing, she understands what she’s doing, she’s articulate, she does well for all these different steps. It’s kind of a combo package as opposed to being a great landscaper. But, you hate to talk to the camera when you’re not conveying your information and giving that to other people. It takes an overall package. [Laughs]

QUESTION: You’ve also done duty on HGTV with the Landscape Smart! series. What’s the difference between doing a show on HGTV and doing one on DIY?

Ahmed Hassan: On DIY we want to talk a little bit more [about] the exact information. DIY is very much an educational entertainment network, where I think HGTV is more than entertainment. It’s kind of passive—[one is] able to enjoy and look and see, and maybe it stimulates thoughts and ideas. At DIY, we try to take it one step further and give you a little bit more information and allow you to go on the Web site and get even more.

The networks are very similar. DIY is a little bit more on the educational side of it. I am trying to take it one step further than the [show] that I did before Landscape Smart! because I was not the host of the show; I did not do the voiceover for the show. I just had to be present and play my role very well, whereas hosting the show, I have to not only play my role very well, I have to help anybody else on the show with me and on the set, give them the word and pump them in the right direction, and nudge them in the right direction so that the show can move forward. We call that carrying the show. I have to carry the show. I have to sometimes stimulate the energy to bring it up. I have to bring it down. [Laughs] I have to give it direction, and I have to help other people to shine and look good because I was in their position at one time.

Actually, you are in control there.

Ahmed Hassan: Right. One of the things hosts have to do, we have to make people feel comfortable in front of the cameras, because you can have someone who has more personality than three people put together, and you put them in front of a camera and, all of a sudden, they don’t know what to do, they don’t know what to say. Their face is straight, and you don’t typically sit down to watch TV with people like that. [Laughs] So, sometimes I have to create camaraderie and comfortability [so] that whomever I’m talking with is focused on me and dealing with me and other interactions, and all the camera is there to do is just to capture that.

QUESTION: Moving on to the very interesting Blog Cabin, which incorporates the input of literally thousands of people, from the experts who are constructing everything to the general public who chose the ultimate design components by voting and commenting. How did the show come into existence?

Ahmed Hassan: That is not a question for me. That is over my head. [Laughs] The concept of Blog Cabin, that’s a concept over my head. I had nothing to do with that. I was invited to be a part of Blog Cabin. Blog Cabin was about building, designing, the developmental process, and letting the viewers be a part of that, and designing this beautiful cabin outside. It’s still under construction, though. [Laughs] We gotta do something with the landscaping.

I just came over to be part of this process. And the difference with the landscaping and the rest of the house is the viewers chose the outdoor fireplace. So, that was something they selected. I’m sure the paving surface in front was also selected. That’s about it. The rest, I got together with Amy [DIY on-air personality Amy Matthews] and the crew and decided what we want to do in a situation, or how we need to make the cabin fit in with the rest of the environment, and that will be landscaping.

Blog Cabin We don’t take a downtown Los Angeles landscape and stick it in the Smoky Mountains around this cabin. It wouldn’t make sense. So, what I did was jumped on a plane and went out there and helped look at the overall space as opposed to looking at it online. We had pictures—looked at the space, looked at the natural resources there on the property, on-site. And then we just came up a simple landscape because, in essence, if you have a cabin in the mountains, you just want a simple landscape. This is not supposed to be a high-maintenance English garden around this cabin.

It was a lot of fun for me because you never know what you are going to get in the natural environment. We never knew what they handed away, what was there before, what was still available. So, we came up with a very simple design. We basically just created a new hardscaped accessible area. We put flagstone in. We had to get access from the top, where the front door to the bottom storage area was, where the basement is. So, we built some steps, and that was a tedious and arduous and very labor-intensive project. But, I had some landscapers up there, and they wouldn’t stop, and I wouldn’t stop ’til it was done. And we just put a splattering of plants that do well in the area.

And that’s why I usually rely on other landscapers in that area to help me out, because I’m a Californian gardener. [Laughs] So, we talk about plants, and I understand plants, and they tell me what goes well in the area. And I go with them, and we just kind of collaborate on where things should go and keep it simple. The whole thing was just keep it simple because this is just a vacation getaway home. This is not a garden that someone is going to be out there maintaining all the time because you’ll be going up there for a little relaxation, a little getaway. So, that in itself told us what we needed to do. So, that was cool.

QUESTION: If I’m not mistaken, you make your grand contribution to Blog Cabin in the twelfth episode, “Sizzling Landscapes.” You’ll be overseeing the construction of an outdoor fireplace. I’m giving away my urban roots now, but please tell me—because I’m dying to know—what the difference is between an indoor fireplace and an outdoor fireplace, besides the obvious fact that one’s outside and the other’s not.

Ahmed Hassan: I think you just said it. You said it in your question. One is outdoors, and one is indoors. [Laughs] This is a standalone fireplace; this is a fireplace unto itself, where you have to walk out of the house, across a patio, and there’s a fire pit or grill. This is a fireplace that stands alone, and it’s outdoors, one step above a fire pit, a pit you throw newspapers or logs, charcoal in. A fireplace may be gas or a little more personalized, refined.

Why do you think a homeowner would want a fireplace outside?

Ahmed Hassan: That is the beauty of being a landscaper. There are people with money and who want it all: all the plants and flowers that attract the hummingbirds, and cut flowers, scented things in the garden, things to hang out around warm furniture, shade above and sunny spots to bathe in, fire when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. If you can’t afford it, you dig a hole and make a fire pit or you have a fireplace. The viewers wanted a fireplace.

QUESTION: I’m also eager to know why DIY Network is giving the blog cabin away in a sweepstakes. What’s the rationalization for that decision? What’s the network getting out of doing that?

Ahmed Hassan: First of all, it’s a fun thing, it’s a giveaway. When things are fun and prizes are significant, I think they get better publicity in play. We build a cabin. Who is going to take it? [Laughs] It’s in the desert, not in Los Angeles. [Laughs] It only made sense that we make it part of something, that we give it away. That the general public— The viewers were the ones able to construct it. So, hey, the viewers should be able to figure out who gets it. And the only way to do that is to raffle it off like a sweepstakes. So, they couldn’t figure out what else to do with it. [The person who gets it] couldn’t be anyone from the network. They would be excluded [because] that wouldn’t be fair. So, we build it, what do we do with it? Let’s give it away. [Laughs]

And the network gets publicity for that.

Ahmed Hassan: It gets publicity. It changes someone’s life in a good way. It’s just a nice thing. It makes you feel good—makes the person getting it feel really good. [Laughs]

QUESTION: Based on ratings and viewer response so far, do you think there will be another season of Blog Cabin, or is this a one-shot deal?

Ahmed Hassan: I think so. I’m expecting that there will be. I just don’t know if it will be a cabin. It may be a beach house. It may be a lithograph… [Laughs] …a little cottage, a house. I think it will be something similar; yet, I believe it will involve something else. I don’t think it will be a cabin. I definitely think it will be something else that will be developed, designed, and implemented, and more than likely given away.

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Blog Cabin currently airs Thursdays on the DIY Network at 9pm and 9:30pm EST

Ahmed Hassan and Blog Cabin photos courtesy of the DIY Network

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    Donna Trahan

  46. DEAR AHMED, love your show. uknow u do great wonders with peoples land, i wanted to know how come there are never any shows like yours in the pittsburgh area. If u or your network can find it in your hearts to do a show at the home dept. or lowes in pittsburgh . Because i just bought a new house and would love to show the block how it can be transformed by the badest man i know MR.AHMED (better than the rest! THANKS LADONNA

  47. Ahmed, No one needs you as much as we do!!! My husband was seriously hurt, was layed off from work and having a very difficult time trying to find work. I work quite a bit and our front yard is a disaster! We live in the southwest and would love for you to come help us!! We are good hardworking people. We just need a break and your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!

  48. hi ahmed my daughters first communion is comming up on may first she wants me to have a party in the back yard but it looks awful back there and i dont have money to make this happen because i lost my job so can you please help me make this happen for her
    Atlanta Georgia

    sincerly Anne Marie Eugene

  49. Ahmed Hassen help help help,first time home buyers. desperate need of help with backyard,to much to do. Don’t know waht to do.

  50. Ahmed Hassen ; Help, Help, Help, First time home buyers, desperate need of help with backyard, to much to do. Don’t know what to do. Please help. thank-you.

  51. Ahmed, I have seen you in the past on T.V., of course, and want to know when are you coming to Blakeslee PA. I was flipping the channel and came across DIY and thought it was great. I have an acre of land that needs a serious make over. It is not junky,(or should it be?)it is clean land with nothing on it. The house is 6 yrs. old. We had the trees taken down last years so it is very Open! I know you would have fun with it.

    Donna Singleton-Jones
    Blakeslee, PA

  52. I;am lost you see my brother died of cancer and he never got to finish his backyard I know that he wanted to put stepping stones in because he has all the cement for that How do we get help for this I know that I can not do it and his wife cannot afford someone to come in and do it any advise would help thanks

  53. Amhed, i dont have a yarde, but i think we should be marriaged. emale I.

  54. Hi Ahmed:

    We had the opportunity to meet and speak with you at Epcot in Orlando, Florida in 5/2010. You do beautiful work and it transforms the backyards. I have yet to see a show in Florida. Any future visits planned for our side of town? I would love to see you do a backyard with some Feng Shui inspiration in the future. Good luck on all your success.

    Maria and Zelimar

  55. Hi Ahmed,



  56. My daughter and her boyfriend just bought there first house in Topeka Ks 66604 it is 90 years old and is in an area Topeka is making the historical part of Topeka, our daughter is actually getting a historical plaque for the house. It is in a neighbor hood that is slowly becoming a fixer upper. There back yard is all mud and not alot of money to do what they want. We have taken out trees and found a brick pathway from the back of the house out to the alley way under 4″ of mud. Any suggestions would be helpful (cheap) they don’t have much money. Thanks

  57. hi will u help me make my yard into a paradise like ur shows there so aswome please please please

  58. Hey Ahmed – we would welcome you in our bland backyard anytime. We have a fenced in yard with lake view. In addition, we have a tired pool that could use a facelist and have lots of space to entertain..BTW – an added bonus is Lowe’s is just down the street …Please come to Tulsa :)

  59. Hey Ahmed – I would like to welcome you in to my bland backyard anytime. It’s fenced in yard I love to be able to go out and sit in the back yard. I would love to have a paradise to sit in. Right now the only person who get’s to enjoy the yard is my dog Drama. I would love it if you would come to Ellenwood GA. So this way I can enjoy the backyard with Drama. Pleas come Ahmed.

  60. Hi Ahmed,

    My daughter and I spoke with you on a brief interview in a Las Vegas Lowes on September 3, 10. We talked about my yard and my husband being in the landscaping business. We would like to know when this segment might be aired, and by the way, he said he wouldn’t mind if you checked out our yard the next time you’re in the area! Vivian

  61. Howdy Ahmad, how about coming down to Texas. We desperately need help in our back yard. We would love to be crashed..LOL…
    Corpus Christi, TX

  62. Hello Ahmed,
    We seem to be all alone in the east coast when it comes to landscapers. It seems in the military, I only get to see the weeds grow after being gone overseas. We bought a new home and haven’t been able to do anything to the backyard. So, please come and work your magic to a blank canvas. I’m not above myself to try a bribe….besides all the great history of the old south.
    Watcha think, ya’al come and see us, ya hear.

  63. Hello Ahmed, i always watch your show, and its great what you do. im in real need to fix my yard this year ,reason is this i have tried so hard to do it myself but cant seem to catch up with, my husband is a 911 first responder who has cancer, everyday its getting harder and harder, car rides are gettin harder, so to go out of our house is a strugle, we keep talking about when the nice days come ahead he can sit in the yard and get freash air. i picture so many things for him to do like a area where he can sit and watch the birds, or take little walks, read a book, just a place for him to enjoy and feel good, i really wish we could do this for him, we have always talked about doing the yard like a beach resorts, but our lives took a wrong turn, so if i could make just a little comfort in his life this would be one of them thats why im writing to you. sincerely, looking for comfort:}

  64. Will you come to the high desert in california and crash my yard?I have a half acre and it needs so much help

  65. Hi…can you give advice on how to resolve a swampy back yard? In the spring the run off from the hill behind the yard causes a ton of water to sit in our back yard. Before we build a new deck on our house, we’d like to take care of the water problem.

  66. I live in Odessa, Texas and wish you would make your way to west texas… We just built our home in May of 08, but due to many difficult situations in our lives, have been unable to work on our back yard… Shortly after we moved into our home, my husband became ill and hospitalized… We found out he has brain anyuersyms and just prior to that had major surgery for abdominal anyuersyms… He was doing well and continued to work for the next year or so… Then last year my dad became ill and diagnosed with Non-Hodkins T-cell Lymphoma and passed away June of 2010… Talk about hard few years…. Shortly there after, my husband became ill yet again… We found out he had blockage in the graft used to repair abdominal anyersyms, and had to have major surgery yet again… He is slowly recovering but is now on disability… He deserves to have the back yard he has always dreamed to have one day… He does what he can around the yard, but can’t do too much without his legs hurting keeping him from doing too much… He is an amazing husband, and only wish I could give him what he deserves… He so wants a pergola with a firepit, and cook out area… Please help!

  67. Just curious do you ever get over to Oregon for yard crashers? If you do let me know we could sure use your help in our yard. We purchased an older home on 1 acre and it seems like I can’t visualize how we should landscape this place. Maybe with your expertise we could at least have a starting point. Thanks

  68. Hello Ahmad, my name is Lucy and my mom watches your show on saturday mornings. We are originally from Chicago, and has been in Atlanta for about 20 years, My mom has been a widow for 6 years now and tries to find people to do the yard all the times always tells me that she wish she could do what my step dad did to the yard. I am a college student, and my mom has the dream of beautiful yard she was so use to concrete in Chicago now that we have the big yard she has no idea what to do, my stepfather made a rose bush and the tree that its growing on really needs to be cut my mom dont want to because of the memory it holds. Please come to atlanta and help my moms dream come true. That would not only make her happy that would make our house look soo much better its a lot of work my stepdad did not get a chance to complete. She gives so much to others and her birthday is April 19th, I would love if you could give her something for her birthday and make her smile because someone has done something as a surprise for her. I know its an expensive job, we have a decent size yard, I want to know their is hope and someone really loves her and care. Since my step dad did not finish she says LORD PLEASE BRING SOMEONE TO ME TO HELP ME TO FINISH THIS HOUSE. all the time. She loves to barbecue, and her barbeque grill is hanging on one leg in the grave and one leg barley making it on the patio, since I been born she has never used the brick barbeque grill, she loves to have people over I think that feels that void she has that is empty. PLEASE HELP


  70. Hey Ahmad,
    Love the show and wonder how we can get you down here to Seminole country. Tallahassee ia a beautiful place and our yard needs that special touch that only you can provide. Come on down and we can catch a ‘Noles game at Bobby Bowden field.

    Niki and John Joyce

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