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‘Haven’ Snags Third Season

Thirteen Is the Magic Number

Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant/Haven

The best television news of the day has dropped: Friday-night Syfy staple Haven will return next year for a third season featuring 13 new episodes. Yes!

The welcome development means viewers will get a chance to learn why Duke’s supposedly dead (because you never really know on this show) daddy wants him to kill Audrey, who has an uncanny habit of showing up in town every few years looking exactly the same, but with another woman’s memories as her own. Can’t wait.

Season Two of Haven concluded on September 30 with the cliffhanger-filled episode “Sins of the Fathers.” However, the series has a special Christmas-ish installment called “Silent Night” scheduled to premiere on Tuesday, December 6, at 10pm ET. Mark your calendar now.

Set in July (because we all know that hot month just reeks Xmas cheer), the plot kicks off when Audrey unexpectedly starts seeing holiday decorations around Haven. Sadly, no one besides her cares… that is, until folks begin vanishing for no clear reason. The episode should tide fans over just fine while we wait for the paranormal adventures of Audrey, Nathan, and Duke to resume in 2012.

Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant/Haven photo courtesy of Syfy

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