Photo Gallery: Roommates 
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Tommy Dewey, Dorian Brown, Tyler Francavilla, David Weidoff, Tamera Mowry

Tommy Dewey, Dorian Brown, Tyler Francavilla, David Weidoff, Tamera Mowry/Roommates


Tyler Francavilla as Mark

Tyler Francavilla/Roommates


Dorian Brown as Katie

Dorian Brown/Roommates


Tamera Mowry as Hope

Tamera Mowry/Roommates


Tommy Dewey as James

Tommy Dewey/Roommates


David Weidoff as Thom

David Weidoff/Roommates


The sitcom Roommates stars Tyler Francavilla (Mark), Dorian Brown (Katie), Tamera Mowry (Hope), Tommy Dewey (James), and David Weidoff (Thom) as five 20-something friends in New York City, four of whom live together.

Mark is still in love with his high school crush Katie — who’s in love with with her occasional boyfriend — when he bumps into her out of the blue and decides to move in with her and her best friend Hope. He soon learns that alleged executive Hope is actually a coffee-shop employee after losing her job and deciding not to tell anyone. Investment industry worker James is the fourth resident of the apartment, and Thom is Mark’s best friend and ex-roommate, who has a thing for Hope.

Network: ABC Family

Premiere: Monday, 23 March 2009

Website: Roommates

Photos: Copyright © Craig Sjodin/ABC Family


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