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Do No Harm: Medical Drama with a Creepy Twist

More Jekyll and Hyde, Anybody?

Steven Pasquale/Do No Harm

Former Rescue Me star Steven Pasquale has yet another new show (and not the USA Network project Over Under, which was axed before it even premiered). The actor has traded in his fireman outfit and dimwitted demeanor for a white doctor’s coat and some smarts in order to headline the demented rookie NBC series Do No Harm.

With an obvious nod to the classic Jekyll and Hyde mythology of dual dueling personalities, Pasquale plays both brilliant neurosurgeon Jason Cole, the dominant personality, and his twisted alter ego Ian Price. The bad side of the good doctor emerges when the drugs Jason used to keep Ian in check suddenly stop working. Hate when that happens.

Other familiar cast members include former Law & Order and CSI: Miami star Alana De La Garza as Jason’s colleague and love interest Dr. Lena Solis and — a big bonus — former Cosby Show matriarch Phylicia Rashad as Jason’s boss Dr. Vanessa Young. I haven’t seen the very talented Rashad in anything regularly for a long time, so here’s hoping her role is prominent and the show succeeds.

Watch the Do No Harm pilot premiere tonight, January 31, at 10pm ET, the show’s permanent time slot as of now. I admit I’m a tad excited about the possibility of adding another crazy TV character to my group of favorites.

Do No Harm will air Thursdays on NBC at 10pm ET

Steven Pasquale/Do No Harm photo courtesy of Patrick Harbron/NBC

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