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DIY Network Presents ‘Blog Cabin’: The Home That Blogs Built

Do-It-Yourself Home Determined by Tons of Bloggers

Blog Cabin When DIY Network’s Blog Cabin premieres tonight at 9pm EST, thousands of people all across the United States can truthfully claim a personal hand in its development and a personal stake in its future. Those would be the individuals who took the time to respond to DIY’s call for opinions on exactly how the series’ central project, a custom-built cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains, should eventually look and feel. The network asked the public to vote and comment on thirteen design specifics for a future cabin, ranging from the bathroom fixtures to the flooring to the roof style, and then tabulated the results to determine which options won and would be incorporated during the construction process. Over four million votes later, the various design considerations are in place, and the cabin is ready to be built.

The fun doesn’t stop there, however. DIY is giving virtually any U.S. citizen the chance to actually own and live in the newly constructed cabin, simply by entering the online contest that features the residence as its grand prize. Opportunities like that don’t come around everyday, especially on TV.

Blog Cabin is hosted by DIY “expert” personality Amy Devers, and it will unfold over thirteen 30-minute episodes, each one dedicated to a separate blog that concerns a specific aspect of the cabin’s design.

Watch a clip from the Blog Cabin series now featuring bug-shy host Devers, or jump to the video if you can’t see the player.*

*This video does not include closed captions or subtitles for the deaf, hard of hearing, or non-fluent in English.

Blog Cabin will air Thursdays on the DIY Network at 9pm and 9:30pm EST

Blog Cabin photo courtesy of the DIY Network

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  1. I love this show Ahmed. Are you ever in the Atlanta area, I have a large bare side and back yard with no trees, just dirt and straws. I need trees, flowers, water something. I have no idea of where to start it is so overwhelming. I hate looking out of my windows I am sure the neighbors are wondering what I will be doing with this yard. If you are ever in the area could you please give me some ideas.

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