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Deception: Meagan Good Headlines New NBC Thriller

TV Gets Another Yarn About Deadly Secrets

Meagan Good/Deception

Fans of suspenseful television can check out a brand-new entry in the genre tonight at 10pm ET when NBC debuts its latest 2012–2013 offering, the midseason drama Deception.

Set in sunny California and starring Californication grad Meagan Good as Joanna Locasto, a San Francisco-based cop, the series opens with the suspicious, high-profile death of mega-rich, good time-loving socialite Vivian Bowers. Shady circumstances surround the passing, of course, making the newly deceased’s personal yet distant connection to Joanna all the more important.

The two women were childhood best friends back in the day two decades ago when Joanna’s mother worked for the Bowers clan. Her mother’s employment gained the Locastos more or less honorary membership in the wealthy Bowers family, minus the oodles of cash and assets. So, when Vivian’s demise occurs, the tragedy brings back lots of suppressed memories and feelings for Joanna.

The event also gives Joanna’s ex and previous partner Will Moreno (Laz Alonso of Breakout Kings and Avatar) the smart idea that resuming her relationship with the Bowers might help reveal what really happened to Vivian … and who’s responsible. We, the viewers, get to tag along as the plot inevitably careens through all kinds of twists, turns, setbacks, and shocking revelations. Sounds fun to me, if not all that original.

I checked out Deception‘s pilot on Hulu a couple of weeks ago — thanks, NBC! — and thought the episode was an entertaining setup for what could follow if the show doesn’t tank. The plot is fairly suspenseful, although somewhat predictable, but having Victor Garber (Alias) back on the small screen as successful Bowers patriarch Robert offsets any early storyline weaknesses in my book.

Deception will air Mondays on NBC at 10pm ET

Meagan Good/Deception photo courtesy of Will Hart/NBC

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