‘Canterbury’s Law’ Time Shift No Surprise

Julianna Margulies Jumps from Medicine to Law

Julianna Margulies/Canterbury's Law

The news spread yesterday that Fox has already moved its new legal drama Canterbury’s Law to a different time slot. Now, instead of airing on Mondays at 8pm EST, the show starring Emmy-winning former ER nurse Julianna Margulies and co-executive produced by Rescue Me‘s Denis Leary will come on Fridays at 9pm. I personally can’t argue with this development.

Why? Well, I’ve watched the first two episodes of the series, and as much as reviewers have raved about the performances and the plots, I’m not really feeling either one.

So far, we’ve had cases involving an alleged child murderer (“Pilot”) and a seemingly mentally challenged man suspected of being a serial killer (“Baggage”). It’s telling that each case was more transparent than not — I figured out both long before the big so-called reveal — despite the obvious effort put into creating layered, complex series of events.

Much of Canterbury’s Law‘s focus is on character development, as well, at least when it comes to the lead role of attorney Elizabeth Canterbury (Margulies). There’s an untold story slowly unfolding about the status of her young son, who disappeared from a playground years ago while in her care, which is supposed to provide insight into why the lawyer chooses the difficult cases and resorts to the questionable tactics she does.

People often use adjectives like “edgy” to describe shows in the style of Canterbury’s Law, where you have a prominent character that doesn’t blink twice when ignoring the rules of acceptable conduct. Edginess is fine — wonderful, in fact — as long as the effect isn’t diluted by predictable storylines.

Unfortunately, based on the first two mediocre and so not edgy episodes, diluted is exactly what Canterbury’s Law is, and the lackluster ratings seem to indicate many TV watchers agree. It’s a good thing for Fox, then, that the writers strike led to only five of the thirteen ordered episodes being produced.

House reruns will take over Canterbury’s Law‘s old time slot on Monday, March 24.

Starting March 28, Canterbury’s Law airs Fridays on Fox at 9pm EST

Julianna Margulies/Canterbury’s Law photo courtesy of Fox

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