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‘Breaking Bad’ Closes Fourth Season

Is Gus’ End Nigh Too?

Breaking Bad

That very special time is upon us once again, meaning the last episode of the current season of AMC original drama Breaking Bad, of course. Called “Face Off,” the Season Four finale premieres at 10pm ET tonight, October 9.

As regular viewers know, the last installment, “End Times,” petered out with an extremely frustrated Walt becoming increasingly agitated over his continued inability to get rid of diabolical drug runner Gus Fring once and for all. The finale finds the master meth cook reunited with his estranged prodigy Jesse Pinkman again as they strive to succeed where they have repeatedly failed in the past.

So, will the season conclude with Gus blowing up in a sudden explosion, serving as a human cushion for a bullet, or suffering some other equally painful and fitting demise? As satisfying as it would be to see the character get what he deserves, I sure would miss having fabulous Giancarlo Esposito around on one of television’s best and most distinctive series.

Sneak a peek at “Face Off” in the following clip. Network AMC renewed Breaking Bad for a final run of 16 episodes on August 14, so the end is near for the show in more ways than one. Darn.

Face Off – Sneak Peek

Breaking Bad currently airs Sundays on AMC at 10pm ET

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