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Bill Engvall Goes Crooked on ‘Leverage’

Comedian Loses His Sense of Humor


Blue Collar Comedy veteran Bill Engvall drops the funny stuff temporarily while guest starring on the fresh August 1 episode of TNT original dramedy Leverage called “The Boost Job.”

The former star of Blue Collar TV and the TBS sitcom The Bill Engvall Show portrays bad guy Duke Penzer during his latest gig. Penzer is a slick, gold chain-wearing criminal who poses as a car dealer to hide and further his real profession: stealing cars for personal gain. The dude has an entire operation and staff devoted to that and nothing else.

Of course, when the members of Team Nate get wind of what’s going on — thanks to one of Penzer’s victims — they execute the perfect con to take him down without him suspecting a thing until it’s much too late. Engvall may not be playing for laughs during the episode, but he makes a pretty effective Leverage crook. Perhaps he should consider taking on more “serious” roles in the future.

Sneak a peek at “The Boost Job” in the preview clip below. The episode premieres at 9pm ET.

The Boost Job – Sneak Peek

Leverage currently airs Sundays on TNT at 9pm ET

Leverage photo courtesy of Richard Foreman/TNT

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